Brown Rice Vs. White Rice-Which One Is Better?

Brown Rice Vs. White Rice-Which One Is Better?

  • 28/Feb/2019
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  • Tanya Choudhary
Brown Rice Vs. White Rice-Which One Is Better?

A meal without rice is no meal.

This Japanese saying sits perfectly for the food item that feeds more than half of the world. No, the love for a bowl of perfect white rice isn’t limited to Asians, as widely assumed; it stretches to over three billion people from different sects, religions, and nations across the globe.

Most rice lovers don’t get satiated even after eating a piece of bread or roti unless they have eaten at least a morsel of rice. But with the world getting health conscious, the white rice is seen as a bitter enemy. Enter brown rice—the ‘healthy and pure’ form of rice—which took the world by storm. The authenticity and nutrition factor of white rice was (and is still) being questioned widely. Apparently, having the former will keep you fit and fine while the latter makes you unhealthy.

Want to know the truth? Let’s find out here brown rice vs white rice.

Difference Between White Rice And Brown Rice

Honestly, the whole hullabaloo about the perfect rice variety goes right above my head. Brown rice is brown rice, and white is white. Is brown rice better than white rice? Most today endorse brown rice. But what if I don’t like the taste of it?

How different is brown rice from its white counterpart? To ease your mind and the process, I’ve noted down the difference in points. Scroll down to know in detail about brown rice vs white rice!