10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Using An Exercise Cycle

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Using An Exercise Cycle

  • 27/Feb/2019
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  • Sakshi Gupta
10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Using An Exercise Cycle

Every gym has an exercise bike. So, most probably you know what it looks like. An exercise bike is a stationary cycle, which has a saddle, peddles, handlebars, a monitor to record work done and heart rate, and other varying options for resistance and cycling speed.

1. Great Cardio Option:

You can’t simply run on every cardio day you have; you need variety. It is a known fact that going through the same motion repeatedly makes our body immune to that activity. So, if you are running every day for your fill of cardio, then probably you are not burning as many calories as you would be doing if you keep shocking and surprising your body. Cycling is a great cardio option that you can incorporate in your workout schedule. It gives you all the cardiovascular benefits you get from any other cardio exercise. It is a good way to train and strengthen your heart and respiratory system without overloading it with excessive activity.

2. Strength Training:

Cycling targets most of the muscles in your lower body. There are options for increasing and decreasing your resistance. This provides effective strength training for your lower body. When the cycling motion is repeated for a period of time, it burns fat as well as exerts your muscles. The constant contraction and expansion of muscles provides isotonic exercise. It strengthens and builds your lower body muscles as well as trains a strong core.


3. Weight Loss:

This should have topped the list of cycle exercise benefits, what do you say? We are trying to lose weight these days. And your exercise cycle can be the thing for you! Since it is a good cardio exercise and it is also an effective strength training option, cycling burns a large number of calories. According to womenshealthmag.com, a 135-pound woman can burn up to 500 calories from an hour of cycling. Cycling provides a double punch to your weight loss goals as it not only burns fat but also strengthens and builds muscles. Regular cycling for even 20 minutes helps in maintaining weight on days when you don’t have much time for a workout.


4. Low-Risk Exercise:

The amazing benefit of cycle exercise is that it is a low-risk and low-impact exercise. With a full-on cardio like running, skipping, etc., there is a risk of knee injuries as they shock and jerk the knee and ankle joints constantly. But with cycling, the impact on knees and other joints is very low. In fact, studies show that instead of harming your joints, cycling actually strengthens them.


5. Improved Joint Mobility:

Cycling helps in improving the range of motion of your joints. Knees, ankles and hip joints are affected by cycling. When you paddle, all these joints rotate, which is good for their range of motion and they also become strong.


6. Easy And Convenient:

Cycling can be done by all levels of exercisers – beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Since the bike provides you with the options to change your resistance, clip and pace, you adjust them according to your own level. Stationary bikes are also very convenient as you can multitask while using an exercise bike. You can watch TV, read, brush, and can do many such things just by being seated. This definitely comes as a boon to us who are cursed with an ever-busy and ever-hectic life and can’t find proper time for our exercise.


7. Climate Friendly:

You see, sometimes it is too cold, sometimes it is too hot and sometimes it is downright raining! It almost feels like fate is conspiring to keep us from exercising. With indoor biking, you can get your pack of cardio without any interference from climate. So it’s a win-win.


8. Mood Lifter:

Oh yeah! Many call stationary bike a mood lifter. It improves mood and boosts energy levels to a great extent. It is also great as a stress-buster. There is a definite perk to cycling as a stress-buster or mood-lifter than binge-eating, don’t you think? It improves both your physical and mental health.


9. Killer Lower Body:

Oh, you know how envious you feel every time you see the legs or butt of a cyclist! Repeatedly cycling exercises your quads, calves and glutes to sculpt them into a killer shape. Cycling targets most of the muscles of your lower body – inner thighs, outer thighs, hamstrings, calves, shins and the glutes. So no more thunder thighs or thick calves.


10. Better Health:

Cycling not only helps in weight loss but also improves your overall health. According to womenshealthmag.com, a cyclist lives two years longer than non-bikers and suffers 15% less illness. Cycling is also amazing for cardiovascular health. Therefore, it improves internal health and also increases longevity. So are you ready to reap the amazing exercise cycle benefits?